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We are specialist security advisers working with CCTV, planning for, and testing CCTV systems. Endorsed by the Police through ACPO, Independent of Installers and equipment manufacturers. We deliver results which improve CCTV performance saving clients considerable management time and expense.

  • Why do so many of the organisations listed below use our services.
  • This video produced by the FBI explains dramatically the issues you need to consider.
  • We cover all the issues raised in the video, all these common faults can be avoided, don't become another CCTV victim, everything we do is fully documented and traceable for your security audits.
  • Call or email, for a chat to discuss how we might help you. Some of the organisations listed have saved thousands by talking to us.
  • Local Council authorities.
  • National utility companies.
  • National Heritage & Independent country estates.
  • Universities & Schools.
  • Car Parks and public amenities (Olympic park).
  • Hotels and Hostels.
  • Hospitals.
  • Organisations ranging in size from a corner shop to multinationals.
  • Police Crime Prevention Design Advisors CPDA's recommend our services.

All the above have benefited from our expert knowledge, fresh and independent approach, as leading consultants in the field of acquiring, operating, improving and maintaining CCTV systems.

We have no financial interest in the overall cost of your system, unlike the installer, we give you the expertise that will enable you to acquire or upgrade an installation that meets your requirements, in the knowledge that all the quotations you receive are based on one specification so your selection can be based on the best bid received and because we will test the system before final payment is made you know you will get what you have paid for. A phone call or email to us will cost you very little, a great deal may be saved.

If you are considering installing, upgrading any CCTV system, you need to talk to us, because we do not install CCTV systems. The Police through their CPDA's regularly recommend us; we have a proven track record in delivering solutions to CCTV installation and operational issues. Our service will provide the expertise to ensure you do not spend more than you need to obtain and run a CCTV system that will meet your security requirements.

We have considerable experience in testing CCTV systems. Many of our clients, having issued a comprehensive specification for a CCTV system to be installed, to have, after an unfortunate incident, find the resulting CCTV images unfit for purpose. The Police have then recommended our service, we have gone along and establish exactly what the problems are. From our comprehensive report and recommendations, our clients have been able to get remedial work done so that their CCTV is fit for purpose. The report is often used to resolve disputes with installers regarding image quality issues, speedily and in many cases avoiding the need for protracted arguments, all saving considerable time and money.

Being independent from any installation company or equipment manufacturer, we work to ensure that you, the CCTV user, has a system that delivers images that are usable for Police evidential purposes.


WHY are we the only company working within the CCTV industry that is accredited by ACPO under the SBD police scheme?

Not   Now

When we tested this site the camera was supposed to be set to view the gate, after our involvement the client now gets the image (Right) he paid for.

No   Now

Before we tested this site the camera was set to low, after our involvement the client can now get a clear shot of all who enter the premises.

If the CCTV installation is not planned correctly and tested correctly it very unlikely you will get the images you want, we plan and test for our clients, they avoid the problems all to often seen by the police on so many CCTV systems world wide.

Visit the ACPO website of the hundreds of companies listed look for another CCTV Consultant, Installer or Equipment manufacturer, let us know if you find one!

Our unique service and the advice we give, incorporating the SBD model, gives confidence to stakeholder's that every effort has been made in the procuring and operating of a CCTV system so that it achieves what it was designed to do.

  • Design systems that conform to Home Office recommended Operational Requirements for CCTV.
  • Independent commissioning of systems to ensure that the images can be used for Police evidential purposes.
  • Ensure CCTV systems are compliant with the Data Protection Act, a legal requirement.
  • Our involvement has proven to reduce installation and on going maintenance costs.