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CCTV images the way they should  be seen

The principles of the “OR” were established by what was called the Home Office Scientific Development Branch in response to a nationally recognised problem with inadequately installed CCTV systems. The principles of design and testing we follow were born out of a need identified by the UK security forces some years ago. It became apparent that it was not just the installations that needed testing but the methods used to specify and design CCTV systems were inadequate.

To this day CCTV systems are still being installed that do not give value for money as they are poorly defined and designed leading to inadequate installations. The phenomenal growth in CCTV being deployed around the world has led to a greater need for clearly defined method to plan for, implement and install CCTV systems. Our enhancement of the original methodology, has proved it's self around the world by those who use it themselves or employ our services. Technology moves on at an incredible pace, but some fundamentals never change.

The Operational Requirement “OR” is

We can sit down with you and help you draft an “OR” that will meet your needs, understanding and refining the risks and challenges you face regarding not just security but health and safety issues and your duty of care to employees and members of the public. We have no financial interest in how many cameras you may, or may not require, there is no financial benefit to us in the installation/integration processes. Our objective is to enable you to go to market with a clearly defined requirement that will enable installers and system integrators to put to you the best technical solution to achieve your objectives.  

Simplifying Your CCTV requirements.

It is recognised world wide that the foundation stone of any CCTV system is the Operational Requirement the “OR” as stated in the latest BS EN 62676-4:2015 standard. Time and Time again we find owners and operators of  CCTV systems do not and in many cases have never herd of an “OR” or any standards relating to CCTV systems.

Installations across the world are put in without an “OR”. The results are predictable,  CCTV images do not cover vital areas, images are poor or unusable and in many cases you only find out when an incident occurs.

You require usable, actionable fit for purpose images, or why have CCTV at all? What can we do to help?





We offer training courses in understanding the requirement of an “OR”.

How to draw up an “OR”

What to look for in assessing CCTV images to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Testing and auditing

Operational requirement